Installation Now Included With Purchase of Cell Phone Signal Booster’s Kit

Upon receipt of the kit, installation can be scheduled right away, at no extra cost. Installers are available for installation in all 50 United States.

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updated: May 14, 2020[1] now offers a complete cell phone signal booster and installation indoor connectivity solution called the weBoost Installed[2].

It includes the most powerful consumer-grade cellular amplifier, as well as its installation in homes across all 50 states.

This offering solves the mobile connectivity problem that exists in many homes across the USA. It improves indoor reception on all wireless service provider networks.

A stronger signal results in clearer cell phone conversations and fast Internet speed on all smartphones, tablets, and mobile hot spot devices simultaneously.

Installers are available for installation in all United States zip codes. Upon receipt of the kit, installation can be scheduled as early as the following day, at no extra cost – Next-day installation is subject to availability and varies by location.

Due to health and safety concerns, installers take precautions including the following: 

  • They do not attempt to shake hands. 
  • They keep six feet of distance from others. 
  • They always wear shoe coverings inside the home. 
  • They may wipe and sanitize surfaces accessible to others.
  • They wear gloves and face masks whenever possible. 

To learn more, visit the website.

About Cell Phone Signal Booster[3].

Owned and operated by Accessory Fulfillment Center, LLC, it offers consumer and commercial grade cell phone signal booster kits and related parts. For more information, please visit the company’s website, or social media sites listed below.






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